Liberia’s women show the way

Pray the devil back to hell International Women’s Week starts in Kenya next week. This comes at a time when a lot of the country’s women are being confronted with hunger, the loss of loved ones and loss of homes and livelihoods for those who remain IDPs in their own country.

The movie Pray the Devil back to Hell is indeed a must see movie for all Kenyan women. The sheer tenacity of the Liberian women featured is purely inspiring.

On days when they sat in the hot sun or in pouring rain, in an outcry against Charles Taylors regime, indeed is a testament to what women can do when they join hands.

The powerful ending where the women managed to re-energise the mediation talks that finally saw Taylor leave the country is maybe what Kenya’s women can emulate.

Maybe if women had camped outside the Serena hotel at the beginning of 2008, the sham of a coalition government would not have happened.

If women can say, enough is enough: implement all the reports from Commissions that this government has trashed, maybe Kenya can pass through this phase in its history where the gap between the rich and the poor is ceaselessly widening.

Just maybe if …

Learn more about Pray the Devil Back to Hell.


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