Farewell GPO, a true & selfless inspiration to Kenya’s youth

gpoThis afternoon, a church service was held to celebrate the life of John Paul Oulo. At 28, GPO was truly an inspiration for Kenya’s youth.

Being born into a poor family, in no way defined the way GPO veiwed life. The poor circumstance of his birth was never allowed to shape his destiny.

Selfessly, GPO strived to push for social change. While still a student at the University of Nairobi, GPO paid dearly for his zeal in fighting for our rights. This saw him being suspended. However, because of that same selfless service, GPO’s friends contributed money for him to study for CPA examinations.

GPO also founded The Friday Assembly as well as the Young People’s Forum. These were platforms for young people to come together to adress the social inequities facing them. It is in the number of youth that quickly joined the Young People’s Forum within its first month of inception that is a clear illustration of the mass appeal GPO had amongst the youth.All this done before even reaching his third decade.

Tragically GPO was gunned down in an act of brutal bestaility.This may have cowed some youth who looked up to GPO and were also pushing for positive social change in their own communities. But we cannot and MUST not allow GPO and Oscar Kingara’s deaths to intimidate us.

No we cant. As poet Larry Lizza told the congregation this afternoon, maybe God has put us on earth to push and not to move things. GPO and Oscar pushed. The youth of Kenya must also push. If we don’t lose heart and push enough, the change we wish to see will surely come.

Read more tributes to GPO Oulu and Oscar Kingara here


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One Response to Farewell GPO, a true & selfless inspiration to Kenya’s youth

  1. K2 says:

    We shall not tire
    Even though they are not retired
    We know they are tired
    GPO’s ideals may they inspire
    Young Kenyans of all walks to fire
    Yes lets push these old folks to retire
    And make the rule of senility backfire
    And yes we shall not get tired
    Till this golden Kenya is ours to wire
    And we shall sing with the Harp and the Lyre

    We shall fight them in their Kitchens, in their bathrooms, bedrooms and everywhere. We shall smoke them out with fire and we shall make them pay for their mess!

    My tribute to Oulu GPO wuod Seme, May Obon’go Nyakalaga see your ideals sail through…


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