Playing with Fire!

Just two months ago in a post titled “Oil spills are killing our youth” following the horrifying Sachangwan accident, no less than the helicopter carrying Prime Minister Raila Odinga was siphoned of fuel yesterday.

A Nairobi Star reporter on the scene, took the startling picture below:


What is most disheartening about the image is the sight of women and young men in the act of siphoning fuel, probably hoping to use some as well as make some money selling the surplus.

The cameraman also had to escape the officers guarding the chopper once they realised he had taken the snapshot. How can anyone explain to the young boy seen smiling in the foreground that such an endeavor is a dangerous enterprise?

As we noted in February, as long as Kenyan’s keep suffering in an economy that batters the poorest the most, Kenyans will continue to siphon fuel, ever hoping that on that day, an inferno will not rise up to snuff out their  lives.

You can find a clearer image of the Nairobi Star front page on Entrepreneurship portal on the blog section on the right


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2 Responses to Playing with Fire!

  1. Darius Stone says:

    It’s also amazing to note the lack of security protocol to even allow folk anywhere near anything carrying a Prime Minister. It’s a security risk that’s not even funny at all.

  2. Ken Thumbi says:

    Or we can look at it from a different angle. i.e. these ingenious people know how to siphon off a chopper. A poor hungry man or woman know no nor cares about protocol…

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