Nakuru Town Hall Meeting on Constitutionalism & Good Governance

ConstitutionThe Government of Kenya has appointed a Committee of Experts to identify contentious issues in the Constitution review process, develop consensus and make proposals for a new draft Constitution for Kenya.

Inevitably this is a political process due to the various interests that musts be considered for the draft Constitution to gain wide spread support. It is also a legal process that will either determine the new laws to be established in order to conform with the Constitution or “constitutionalize” existing laws.

Youth organizations made submissions made to the Committee of Experts on contentious issues as seen by young people and suggestions on how to address them. In July 2009, several young people from around the country convened in Nairobi to discuss the various submission and made attempts to build consensus.

At the end of the meeting it was clear that there remained several issues on which consensus needed to be developed. This remains the challenge for the Committee of Experts.

As young people, some who have been part of the constitutional review processes through the years, and others for whom it seems “new there are questions we must ask as responsible citizens to ensure quality contribution towards building consensus in the constitutional reform process.

  • What are the key things we should ask ourselves as we prepare for a new constitutional dispensation?
  • What spirit do we wish for the Constitution to have?
  • What are our basic minimums as young people for a “suitable” constitution?
  • What basic principles we should consider as we undergo the constitutional reform process?
  • What is our contribution as young people to the reform process?

On Tuesday 3rd November 2009, there will be a meeting at the ACK Diocese Hall in Nakuru to deliberate on these matters from 4 p.m.

Quick facts:

Venue: ACK  Diocese Hall – Nakuru

Date: Tuesday, 3rd November 2009

Time: 4.00PM


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