Launch of Harmonized Draft Constitution of Kenya set for 17th November

constitution sealThe Committee of Experts on Constitutional Review in line with its mandate drawn from the Constitution of Kenya Review Act 2008 has been in the process of writing a new constitution. As part of the requirements set out in the Act, the Committee is expected to prepare and publish a Harmonized Draft Constitution and preliminary report. Thereafter the draft will be subjected to public debate for a period of 30 DAYS. During this period the public will be at liberty to forward comments and proposals to the Committee for consideration.

In line with the foregoing, the Committee is pleased to announce the launch of the Harmonized Draft Constitution on Tuesday 17th November 2009 at the KICC Tsavo ballroom at 9.30 am. In this regard, the Committee wishes to invite you to be part of this important national occasion in the quest for a new Constitution for Kenya.

The Committee looks forward to your attendance. Thank you.

Director, CoE


Read the Harmonised Draft of Kenya’s Constitution here


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4 Responses to Launch of Harmonized Draft Constitution of Kenya set for 17th November

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  2. boniface says:

    need to revisite the power shari between the president and the primer,otherwise we should be voting both of them

  3. MARTIN says:

    The issue should be left for the people pf Kenya to read and understand it and not to listen to politicians because most of them only think of themselves insted of the welfare of the majority.

  4. Duncan Ndungu says:

    I would like to thank the government of Kenya for the harmonized draft constitution of Kenya. In fact there is a great improvement this time. The only part that I fill is not well is about the SENATE. In Kenya we are not well stable to have Senates. This will result to high payment of tax to cater for their salaries and office manufacturing and maintenance. I don’t oppose the senate issue but I think this should be one of the government vision 2030 at least we have more hopes the economy will be stable by then. Otherwise the common person is going to face high tax payment. Please consider that.

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