Is Kazi kwa Vijana the way forward?

This week in Parliament, Prime Minister Raila Odinga made a statement on the Kazi kwa Vijana programme.

Though he accepted that the initiative had weaknesses (mainly administrative), the Prime Minister stated that his ministry will integrate the implementation arrangements for KKV and those of the Economic Stimulus Programme to ensure community level participation and maximum efficiency.



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3 Responses to Is Kazi kwa Vijana the way forward?

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  2. depence says:

    The kazi kwa vijana is not working anyway.There are lots of youths with no jobs yet the government is just watching.some forms sect group.sure the government should do something as quick as possible because the vijana are going to be the future leaders.

  3. Jamo says:

    Let those who misuse the money to refund it quickly without nagotiation.

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