Dance4life Seeking Peer Educators

Dance4life the Netherlands is looking for 3 peer educators from the global south

As an HIV/AIDS peer educator for dance4life you are part of a tour team that will travel throughout The Netherlands for 5 weeks to visit all schools who are participating in the dance4life schools project.

Three tour teams will be formed, and each tour team consists of 6 people:

1. a facilitator

2. a drummer

3. a foreign peer educator (coming from a country where there is a high prevalence of hiv infections)

4. a young Dutch hiv-positive man/woman (between 18-30 years old)

5. a tour manager

6. a technician


Period of stay in The Netherlands will be from:

27 August 2010 – 17 October 2010 (7 weeks)

The 3 peer educators will take part in the training days for all tour team members the first 2 weeks (30, 31 August and 1, 6, 7 8 September). The tour will start on 13 September and this will take on 5 whole weeks.

Note: The peer educators will not be in The Netherlands during the final dance4life event on 27 November. It would be great if they are able to attend the dance4life event in their own country so we can see them via satellite during the live connection at the event. This will make the connection with all participating dance4life countries even more impressive.


During the tour they will travel as a team and will be staying together with the team in hotels, bed & breakfasts or apartments near the schools where they perform. During the training days and in the weekends the peer educators will be staying in an apartment located in Amsterdam (the same city as where the dance4life office is based).


– Your story.

It’s important that every peer educator has his or her own personal story related to HIV/AIDS. It must be a story ‘from the heart’, something that touches you and will also touch the hearts of others. A story from the heart will make the HIV/AIDS disaster tangible and personal and will subsequently cause involvement and action under the students.

– Your age.

The Dutch students (age 12-19) have to be able to identify with the peer educator (so age preferably between 18-25).

– Your language.

Your English should be fluent and your voice strong.

– A passport.

You must have a passport that will allow you to travel to The Netherlands, or be willing to get one (in case of financial restrictions we might be able to help).

– Your performance/presentation skills.

You should like to dance (the dance4life drill) and speak up before crowds of youngsters (50-400 students at once).

– Your team skills.

You have to work as a team and be willing to invest in the team (and vice versa of course!).

– Your mental power.

You will have one of the key roles in the performance at schools in terms of getting the message across. At times this can be demanding and you should be prepared for some intense weeks.

–         Your support for dance4life.

You have to share the goals, vision and approach of dance4life.


– Tickets, accommodation and daily expenses will be taken care of by dance4life, as well as costs for purchasing visa/passport (if necessary).

– If a peer educator has to take time off from work for these 7 weeks and therefore miss out on a salary, a financial compensation for this needs to be discussed with Walter & Patrick at the time of the selection procedure. We will then discuss if and how dance4life can (partly) provide for this income. dance4life will need a proof from the employer.

– An amazing 7 weeks that you will never ever forget!!

Although the time in The Netherlands will be intense and quite ‘heavy’ (long days, early mornings, telling your personal story over and over again to large groups) the reward is immense. Mostly in terms of the ‘kick’ you will get from working with the students and bonding with the tour team mates. And from being part of a wonderful movement of international connection and solidarity where we all have one purpose: stopping the spread of hiv/aids and making everybody in the world aware of this need + challenging them to do something about it!


Fill in the dance4life peer educators application form[1] and include a picture!

The personal story is very important as is your motivation on why you think you should be one of the three peer educators in Dutch school tour in 2010.

All applications should be with Walter before April 1st 2010.



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  3. jeff chulu says:

    i have potental 2joning as a peer educter 4the progarm am intersted in tekn part

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