Call For Profiling Youth Organisations Working On Climate Change In Kenya

Climate Change is definitely well known to us, however, the key issue is preparing or being prepared to live with its impacts or minimize its impacts on our lives.

The extreme events associated with climate change will make life extremely hard for the majority of the youth and to this end Kenya Young Greens, which works with youth on climate change, is calling upon the youth of this country to stand and take action in order for us to be able to survive the storm of the effects of the phenomena and contribute towards reducing its causes.

Forests (Conservation)

Despite the extent of our local environment degradation, Kenya is described as having a low forest cover, just below 3% whereas some countries have as high as 50 % forest cover.

The international climate change policy making is moving towards creating a framework in which developing countries in the tropics would be paid either through market scheme or funds based scheme to halt deforestation, forest degradation and enhance the ability of forest to absorb one of the gases that cause global warming that is carbon dioxide, however, the same policy is also moving towards incorporating afforestation in which Kenya has even greater potential.


Agriculture has two faces in climate change:

  1. It is one of the most vulnerable sources of livelihoods for the majority of Kenyans to extreme events like rainfall (both change in timing of onset, intensity, distribution, and duration) and drought.
  2. In terms of contributing to climate change itself, since through agriculture there are gases that get released to the atmosphere that cause global warming, this include methane gases which largely come from animal farming. And Nitrous oxide which comes from the use of fertilizers and are even more dangerous than carbon dioxide.

The Call:

There are plenty of opportunities for the youth largely working on Agriculture, Forestry, Renewable Energy and Waste Management sectors and it is for this reason therefore that Kenya Young Greens is calling upon the youth engaged in these sectors.

Kenya Young Greens seeks to profile the youth groups and organisations involved in agriculture and conservation towards finding solutions to adapt to the effects of climate change and also employ technologies and techniques that contribute to reducing the levels of these gases that get emitted.

The mode of profiling is open to both individuals and organisations although organisations such as registered groups, CBO’s and youth serving NGO’s are highly encouraged.

Kenya Young Greens will accept information in form:

  • The Name of organisation,
  • Contact Details of the organisation
  • Location where the organisation is based
  • Size of the organisation
  • Activities undertaken by the organisation
  • Contact person of the organisation

Once documented, the profile will be disseminated to all actors both governmental and non-governmental actors working on climate change so as to assure that youth participation is assured. It will also provide a chance for youth to pitch their voices to push for policy and legislations that enhance productivity in the face of the changing climate, moreover for mitigation there could be a potential for engaging in the carbon markets. The profile will also be made available to the organisations documented therein so as to enable them to be part of networks working on the same issues.

Where to send your profile

Kenya Young Greens

P O Box 13229-00200

Nairobi- Kenya



In case of need for further clarification please feel free to reach us on the office number 0202680745 or Contact Philip Otieno on 0724857647 or Stephen Mwakesi on 0723229117

In case of need for further clarification please feel free to reach us on the office number 0202680745 or Contact Philip Otieno on 0724857647 or Stephen Mwakesi on 0723229117

About yipe
Yipe an acronym for the Youth Interactive Portal for Enterprise is an organization that assists entrepreneurs to start up and manage their small businesses.

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