You are the World – the World is You

Using personal development to facilitate and lead groups and teams

Date: April 23rd-25th, 2010
Presented by: Drs. Max and Ellen Schupbach, Portland, USA

This is the commencement seminar of a 3 year Leadership and Facilitation Program (for details, please see below)

Personal Development and Leadership

This is a 3 day seminar focused on using personal development for leading and facilitating groups and teams, and using the issues of the world for personal growth.

Deep Democracy is a psychological and sociological principle that also uses concepts from physics and mathematics to show how events in the outer world are intimately linked with our inner experiences and personal development. From this perspective, your experience of your body symptoms, the issues that appear in your relationships, and the conflicts and events in the world around you are entangled.

This seminar will provide new concepts and skills for inner-work and group-work that can be applied directly with your projects, teams, and groups in a new way. It will also show how to use difficult and impossible situations as a meditation practice for personal development.

The Seminar

This seminar is part of a team and group facilitation training, and will focus particularly on the self-management (or inner work) aspect. Each day will follow a similar format: Mornings will focus on teaching and learning personal and professional development skills. In the afternoon, you will learn new group and facilitation practices. For participants who have taken these seminars before, emphasis will be placed on the actual practice of the concepts.

What You Will Learn

You will “take home” tools that can assist in your relationship and team  issues with the world at large, and that help to understand that  the path of being more effective in the world is guided by your personal development.

Day 1: Nature and the Facilitator

Process-oriented Inner Work practices bring an outside perspective that can be essential to supplement the skills and methods that we use to lead our own personal projects, as well as our teams and groups. You will learn nature-based inner work practices for personal and professional development. Process-oriented inner work exercises can also assist in deepening the religious and spiritual path that you have chosen. The psychological aspect of this day focuses on escaping the trap of the “advisor”, who either doesn’t have sufficient information about the situation, or shares the same information – and therefore cannot bring forth truly new solutions.

Day 2: Relationship as a key to Self Discovery

You will study how working with relationship issues can assist in the process of getting to know yourself, and in finding solutions for the world at large. You will learn new ways of resolving relationship issues by using them as a practice ground for personal and professional development, and understand how they are directly connected to the timespirits*1 that rule the world’s conflicts.

Day 3: Body Symptoms as a Guide for Leadership and Facilitation

This day will focus on using body experiences and “gut reactions” as additional guides for unfolding and developing leadership and facilitation potential. The body knows. You will learn how to discover and follow body wisdom that is not simply instinctive and reactive, but is connected to the wisdom of the surrounding world at large.

The Process Oriented Leadership training consists of three, year-long courses. This seminar and those following are individual, certifiable courses that can be taken separately. The entire program can be taken as a Certificate Course in Process Oriented Leadership. The various courses work as building blocks that the participants can mix and match as needed. The DDI leadership course will consist of a year each of 1) Coaching, 2) Facilitation and Conflict Resolution in Groups and Relationships, and 3) Organizational and Business Development – Vision, Strategy and Leadership.

The seminar will consist of 30% theory in mini-lectures and 70% practical demonstrations and applied exercises in which you can:

1) try out what you have learned within the seminar setting
2) design solutions for the actual situation that you are working on

All you need to know


April 23-24 the seminar starts at 9 a.m. and ends at 5 p.m.
April 25th the seminar starts at 9a.m. and ends at 4 p.m.

How to register?

Phone: 0732354902 or 0729467413

How much?

Price: 5,000 KES (does not include accommodation)
Some partial scholarships are available


Carmelite Community (near Tangaza College)
Langata South Road, Karen, Nairobi
Some accommodation is available, please book directly with the conference center
Tel: 020 89-04-87 (Note the chanqe 020)

*1 “timespirits” or “Zeitgeist” is the general cultural, intellectual, ethical, spiritual, and/or political climate within a nation or even specific groups, along with the general ambience, morals, and sociocultural direction or mood of an era (similar to the English word mainstream or trend).

The Facilitators

Max Schupbach, Ph.D., Dip. PW,  is president of maxfxx, a consulting group working worldwide with organizations, including fortune 100 corporations, international NGOs, government agencies, and religious communities. He has coached multi-ethnic executive teams in South Africa, and worked with Australian Aboriginal communities and Native North American Tribes. Max has facilitated conflict resolution between Croatian and Serbian groups during the Yugoslavian war, and relationships between prison inmates, correctional personnel, and prison administrators in high security prisons on the verge of revolt. He is co-founder and president and training director of the Deep Democracy Institute.

Ellen Schupbach, Ph.D., Dip. PW, is a Certified Processwork Diplomate who specializes in the personal development of the leader and facilitator. She wrote her doctoral thesis on the spiritual experience of the facilitator and coach. Ellen is co-founder and executive director of the Deep Democracy Institute, a Global Think Tank that researches leadership issues worldwide, and aims to create leadership trainings to develop more collaborative systems in today’s diverse societies. She has co-created training programs for Palestine, the USA, UK, Ukraine, and Kenya.


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  2. Aled Davies says:

    Sounds like a fabulous course, I recently attended a 5-day workshop run by Roger Schwarz, author of the Skilled Facilitator. What an amazing guy and an amazing methodology. The core values of compassion and curiosity resonated with me and the approach has not only helped me to develop my thinking professionally but also personally.



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