Youth Agenda Memorandum on the Operationalization Of The National Youth Council

When on December 31st 2009, Kenya’s President Mwai Kibaki assented to the National Youth Council Bill, it was held as a harbinger of more youth participation in national development. However, six months down the line, it seems that the Act has not been adopted.

The Youth Agenda, an independent national youth organization founded in 1996 held extensive consultations and discussions amongst representatives of youth organizations from all provinces in Kenya to discuss the formation of  the National Youth Council and propose a suitable prescribed method for the composition of the National Youth Congress and the appointment of the members of the National Youth Council and Board.

Read the outcome of the discussions NYC Memorandum

Comments and inputs are highly welcome and should be sent and discussed through Youth Agenda’s Programme Officer- Judy Nguru through or 2022026


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8 Responses to Youth Agenda Memorandum on the Operationalization Of The National Youth Council

  1. sospeter says:

    let the government get serious about the issues affecting youths as they are more vulnerable.

  2. sospeter says:

    youths are expecting much from the govornment.

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  4. i am tired of waiting of this nyc elections can some1 help us get clear direction. we the youth of nakuru r really pushing for it

  5. jeff marube says:

    great work

  6. jeff marube says:

    am ready

  7. GEORGE says:

    Do we just sit and wait for the people charged with the responsibility of the whole affair to sleep on the agenda?
    Youth WIth Vision

  8. i have always heard of this of this organization but its activities are heard and am wondering whether it was made to benefit those who head it coz it seems like its work is non-existent.

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