Invitation to the Launch of the Koffi Annan Justice And Peace Cup Tournament – Saturday 3rd July 2010

The Youth Platform for Change, an initiative of Kenya Youth Parliament (KYP), Safer Nairobi Coalition (SANA) and Coalition for Peace in Africa (COPA) have been implementing the National Youth Conversation on Reforms and Peace Building Initiative that is aimed at bringing together youth opinion leaders at the grassroots level and young people generally countrywide in discussion of Kenya’s reforms agenda, peace and peace building.

From the last two consultative forums for Kamkunji, Kibera on the 24th May 2010 and for Kasarani, Dagoretti and Embakasi on 29th June 2010, participants voiced the opinion that they would wish to see the process cascade through sports and theatre.

As a starting point of implementation of the recommendations from the 1st and 2nd Consultative meetings, the Platform has organized for the Launch of the Dr. Koffi Annan Justice and Peace Tournament on Saturday 3rd July 2010 at Mathare Depot which will be coordinated by Mathare Youth Sports Association and have the pleasure of inviting you to grace this event.

The National Fixture is:

  • 17th -18th July 2010 Nationwide Constituency Knock –Outs
  • 25th – 26th July 2010 Round of sixteen (Provincial levels)
  • 14th -15th Aug 2010 Quarters/Semis
  • 30th- 31stAug 2010 Finals (National Championships)

The motivation for the Teams will be:

  • Kshs. 1 million is up for grabs
  • Kshs. 750k for 1st Runners Up
  • Kshs. 500k for 2nd Runners Up
  • 2 Coaches per province to be trained Coaching skills by MYSA
  • 16 Ladies, 16 men, amateur scouted for a “two (2) week sports camp” to be trained to play professional football
  • Provincial Champs walk with Kshs. 200k

Please confirm participation on Email to:,, or or telephone numbers +254 734 980 411, +254 721 758872 or +254 722 457849 to facilitate planning process.



  1. There will be a registration fee of Kshs 1000 payable to MPESA Acc No. 0712 035 008
  2. Shake hands before and after the match to encourage fair play and enhance peace.
  3. Only players registered on the official team list can play in the tournament. A player can register for only one team and is not eligible to play for any team, incase her/his team is knocked out of the same tournament.
  4. Any team using an overage player, a suspended player or a player not on their official team list will automatically be disqualified.
  5. Teams should be mixed in gender, twelve (12) boys and four (4) girls. During the match, a team must field a minimum of two (2) girls.
  6. All matches start at exact time shown on the schedule, teams default the match if they fail to field the minimum number of registered players at exact starting time. Playing Times is 2 x 25 minutes with 5 minutes break.
  7. Each team is allowed to make only four substitutes.
  8. Only teams registered on time and scheduled on the fixture will be allowed to participate in the tournament. No team will be allowed to register on the tournament day.
  9. The tournament will be played on a knock out basis.
  10. Teams are required to be present at the pitch where their match is being played, fully changed, at least 10 minutes before the game start. If one of the team is late by ten minutes, the opponent will be awarded the match. Incase both teams are late a double default will be awarded.
  11. If weather and /or the state of the pitches do not permit one to use the pitches, the organizers reserve the right to change the game system and game plan.
  12. In case of a draw, teams will head direct to penalties kick.
  13. Points – winning team gets 3 points, each team gets a point for a draw and Walk over are on a 2-0 basis.
  14. In case of a draw from the quarter final stages (knock out) penalties will be kicked to decide the winner. Any appeal should be accompanied by Kshs 1000 within duration of 45 minutes after the match.
  15. In case of uniform colour clashes the away team will be forced to change their uniforms or else forfeit the match, away team appears 2nd on the fixture.
  16. Teams are responsible for the conduct of their supporters. Any player or coach who threatens or touches an official is automatically suspended. If more than one team member is involved the team loses the match and will be suspended
  17. Organizers will not be held financially, legally or otherwise for any kind of injury that occurs to a player during the tournament. However organizers’ will try and assist teams by offering First Aid and advisory service during the tournament. All teams are therefore requested to cater for their own medical expenses.
  18. Tournament rules and regulations will be applied strictly.
  19. Unless specified otherwise the rules of Kenyan football and the F.I.F.A Laws of the game will be applied.

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