Invitation to the Nairobi People’s Congress, 25th July 2010

A time comes when people must stop complaining about bad leadership and take upon themselves the responsibility of organizing and realizing the ideal platform on which to discuss their problems, propose solutions and to engage their energies in the implementation of their resolutions.

Leadership is not an exclusive club for politicians but it is the visions, actions and sacrifices of everyday people like you and me, aimed at making our societies civil organizations with the capacity to provide the basic comforts of life for all the individuals that constitute it.

We are all blessed with unique talents and abilities and with the right formations set up amongst ourselves we can not only express ourselves in the service of the people, but while doing so, provide the necessary leadership into the areas where our gifts allow us a clearer view than that of our brother who in time and in turn will also get to lead us into the terrain where his talents will provide excellent guidance.

We are all leaders, and in a civil, equal and tolerant society, this fact will become very clear. But this will not happen by itself and it will surely not be done by our political leaders or even by a political mindset. For it is in the nature of politicians to deceive the people into giving them access to collective resources which they loot and plunder, for the truth is that politics is the struggle for the control of resources and that is what politicians do.

We, the people, need to come together and organize our society in the way that only we can.

We need to organize our neighborhoods, our estates, our wards, and our city.

The time has come for us to organize ourselves. It is now time for YOU to get up and to be a part of this awakening.


The people of Nairobi are coming together to hold the inaugural NAIROBI PEOPLE’S CONGRESS on the 25th of July.

We are coming together to agree on how we will empower ourselves to create the society that we have all been dreaming of. A society where everyone is involved in the building of our beloved land and not one where our only role is to be extorted in the name of taxes and rates by a bunch grabbers who have no capacity to fulfill their campaign promises.

Our mission is simple; to give space to those with ideas to share with everyone else on the best way to bring together our energies across the neighborhoods in a way that we can finally begin to solve the simple problems that have undermined us and that have made the world question our intelligence.

We also seek to agree on how to structure every estate committee in the most efficient and productive way and how to form ward committees that involve the representatives of these estate and neighborhood formations.

Most importantly, we seek new leaders who will be willing and able to inspire members of the public to work on these resolutions and who will be the cornerstones around which neighborhoods will build themselves into a strong foundation on which the Community of Nairobi will sit.

This community is what will comprise the Nairobi People’s Congress.

By bringing together our knowledge and experiences, we shall be able to build a living society; an intelligent and sensitive organization conscious of its present circumstances while at the same time visual of its bright future; a place where all are accommodated, given the space to be human and to achieve their potential.

This will be the gift of our generation.


The inaugural Nairobi People’s Congress is a constitutive assembly comprising of 10 representatives from every administrative ward in Nairobi.

Registration is open to all members of the public residing in Nairobi. We especially invite those who are willing to work alongside other like-minded individuals who believe they have something to offer society.

Registration will be direct to the secretariat but all those registered from each ward will convene themselves so that in observing the spirit of fair representation, they will decide on who amongst them will participate as observers or as representatives.

(Due to restrictions in time and for clarity in documentation, those making presentations will be required to prepare and forward a brief written summary to the facilitator at the start or during the session to clarify their position. Copies will be compiled and distributed to all the participants after the program.)

To participate in the preparations or to register for the Congress, please contact:

Benedict Wachira- 0721-158008 or Hillary Mulialia- 0722-258552.

To register, send a short message with the following details:

•             Name,

•             Ward

•             Contact (Phone no.)

to the above numbers or by email to

Please register before 16 July, 2010

Your country needs you! Your city needs you!


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