Correction on the National Youth Council Elections

Dear Friends,

We all know that that there are anomalies in the process that is to set up the National Youth Council. HOWEVER, Kindly note that there were NO PLANNED or EVEN PERCEIVED ELECTIONS in the month of August.

We have reliable information that the Ministry is currently in the process of disseminating information about the Council. Information received from the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports has plans for the Elections of the National Youth Council scheduled to take place from sub-locational level up to the National level given the guidelines as provided for in the Act. The Schedule will be made public in accordance to the guidelines and will be done by the Minister of Youth in the next couple of day.

We will publish that schedule here on the platform and do all we can to ensure all the youth networks across Kenya have access to the same information to massively mobilize the young people from all walks of life to come out in large numbers and shape the way the elections will be conducted and make sure we get the right people on the youth council positions.

We will also help in the sensitization process so that as many youth as possible are able to understand the provisions of the National Youth Council Act of Parliament and the procedures that come with the conduction of the elections of the council.

We have the responsibility of collecting and collating the right information and ensuring that every person under the age of 35 gets the  accurate information to the people.

Because it is the lack of information that has made many people in Kenya to lack the will to participate in public processes, the Youth Act being our only document that is to protect the development of the youth in Kenya must be made public and we will play that role of disseminating its information as a civic duty.

We will make the schedule of the Elections of the NYC available to all so that we can take advantage of the process.

Best regards,

Emmanuel Dennis

YES Kenya Leader
Initiator of the Green Teams Initiative
P.O. Box 8799, 00200
Nairobi Kenya
Cell: +46706048398


About yipe
Yipe an acronym for the Youth Interactive Portal for Enterprise is an organization that assists entrepreneurs to start up and manage their small businesses.

106 Responses to Correction on the National Youth Council Elections

  1. Mohamed Sugow Shikey says:

    Thanks for the information on the correction of Youth elections, I would like to know when the elections will be done, the criteria and the yardstick used to elect the officials right from the sub-location levels to National levels and who is to preside over the elections at divisional and district level.


  2. Sam Gachago Macharia, Gatundu North. says:

    Thanks alot for opening many young people’s eyes on the NYC elections.We expect a very transparent, free and fair system of electing the leaders.Let every youth feel free to participate on the same from grassroots.Let them learn what NYC is all about before going to elections.Kweli hii ni Kenya Mpya.Kudos MOYAP for your tireless effort to empower the long time forgotten desperate youths!Keep it up!

  3. caroline wainaina says:

    i find the information you give quite handy and would love to be up to date by subscribing directly

  4. yipe says:

    Thanks Caroline, we have added you to our mailing list to receive alerts. You can also stay up to date by following us on twitter using

  5. thank you very much for information shared across.they say information is power bt the same can be perishable if not shared on time.
    we are a youth group from Turkana and we were thirsty to obtain other people we can coalesce with so that our voice can be that we are connected i think this is just a preamble and we wish to interact so much on the same .
    if there is any information we can share related to youth please do it immediately and if thre is any you need from us you can reach us on this /or our handsets

  6. we us Turkana are already ahead on preparations on the said subject therefore for updates include us on the alert mode.

  7. yipe says:

    We have included you on our mailing list.

  8. mariao james says:

    asante sana.
    inform us when things ripen from the source of this information
    best regards

  9. Great article! That’s really informative.
    Thanks for sharing.

  10. I appriciate ur good work.

  11. jane p ochieng says:

    the youth of kenya need to borrow a leaf from the referendum process, the need for transparency accountability and an all inclusive approach to the elections of National Youth Council. the youth in kenya need to tranform grassroot leadership by pracising how all will participate and gain agendered approach to leadership.

  12. owens ochango shikuku says:

    i appreciate your concern to see us informed. please keep us updated.

  13. yipe says:

    @owens ochango shikuku

    Thanks for visiting. If you want even more upto date info you can either follow us on Twitter @yipeorg, OR mail us on to request subscription to our mailing list.

  14. stann says:

    hey guys.i appreciate and acknowledge a good reliable source of information am even proud to be a young kenyan.pliz keep me posted on current affairs

  15. yipe says:


    Thanks for visiting. If you want even more upto date info you can either follow us on Twitter @yipeorg, OR mail us on to request subscription to our mailing list.

  16. Veronicah m.k says:

    Please update me about the NYC proceedings. Am from makueni county. Is it so that elections wil be on 19th oct? Regards.

  17. kamlesh karanja says:

    Let the elections start by establishing a youth register with the I.I.E.C and then followed by a competitive process

  18. Its very encouraging to see that the young people finally have a recognized platform to air out their issues. Its my prayer that the elections will be carried out in a freea and fair manner and let the corrections be communicated to the young people so that they are not caught by surprise.

  19. yipe says:

    The elections will be held in February 2011

  20. Brizan lodwar says:

    MOYAP you are great people.we have been corrupted,manipulated and used for long by some funny youth groups around.pliz help me get right anzers to this questions are the youth mps elected? When will the youth elections be held? How about the sports elections?please get me informed.0721244257.

  21. Evans says:

    i appretiate the correction but i just cant wait on to hear when will be the real elections. Am aspire to be in a position so………………….. Just notify me.

  22. Evans says:

    okay now i see, febuary……… the the criteria……

  23. John Chege says:

    Thanx for what you are doing

  24. yipe says:

    Thanks John.

    We appreciate your comments. You can also stay updated by following us on twitter @yipeorg

  25. enosgachiri says:

    hi guys i like to congraturatethe yipe comunity for considering youths in a big way this is the best we can get

  26. yipe says:

    Thanks for the complement. We also appreciate you.

  27. Innocent says:

    Thanks to the him/her who first thought of this wonderful agenda, i personally congratulate the leaders who are behind this for they are visionary and help the youths to be so too. I’m a youth who is yearning to know the actual dates when the election shall be done? Will the MO YAP give monetary assistance to the aspiring candidates for campaigning? Or will the MO YAP take part in the campaign? Will the ministry allow influence form the political leaders? Would you give me a response is possible bacause am troubled.

  28. leonard ireri says:

    when are the elections commencing and whats the criteria form sublocation level to national.who approves those who want to be elected?

  29. yipe says:

    Leonard and Innocent,

    The elections are set for early next year. We will keep you updated on the dates as well as the criteria as we get the information.

  30. kahoto gitau says:

    thanks for keeping the youths informed at least this will build a high engagement of youths in national development of our country,for once we have been recognized.

  31. Olal Bonnke says:

    kudos to the noble idea of recognising the always marginalized youths in kenya,i strongly believe ,this will give us the platform to address our issues.may God bless your courage.get me updated 0717184479

  32. Olal Bonnke says:

    kudos to the noble idea of recognising the always marginalized youths in kenya,i strongly believe ,this will give us the platform to address our issues.may God bless your courage.get me updated 0717184479.

  33. JULIUS NJUGUNA says:

    Thanx for the updates. Am in a business tour to Beijin China and have been longing for this information but am happy to get it. Would wish to subscribe to get more updates as i prepare to jet back to Kenya this month


    I AM pleased that there are pple who still cherish for transparency. keep up!. pls keep me updated when the elections are due. my phone no is 0723581951 or

  35. macharia says:

    we should be very alert, already discreet registration of contestants is going on. much publicity should be made to wade off discontent. engage me at

  36. As the founder and treasurer of JEYG, I would like to know the creteria which will be used to conduct the election, who are eligible to vie & to vote. Is this part of 2012? Please keep me up dated as I disburse the info. 0723823970

  37. josepk kyeti says:

    as co-coordinator of east A Africa center for social economic right when the elections will be held and what is the procedure
    please keep me updated on

  38. josepk kyeti says:

    as co-coordinator of east A Africa center for social economic right
    we need transparent in this in this elections
    please keep me updated on

  39. Olal Janyatike says:

    You people are answered prayer to ma fellow youths,if you dare walk the talk then kenya will be like a paradise with a visionary leaders.keep me updated

  40. AHAWO ROY says:

    kudos to national youth council,a time has come when the youth have to take the country to the next stage of development in economic ,political and social spheres and this would be the best platform if democracy,accountability and integrity are adhered to.please keep me posted .and what are the requirements for the location level.From MASENO.

  41. joseph muchenduh says:

    thanks,am the chairperson of the kenya national youth movement and its great that we have the opportunity to capture seats in goverment.anybody interested in joining the movement can reach me on 0726454458 or email me at,, and and lets change our nation.

  42. joseph muchenduh says:

    this is wonderful

  43. MUREI SAWE EVANS says:

    hope to produce competitive youths in the elections who will transform KENYA

  44. Please advice me on the registration deadline and the election dates

  45. What are the criteria for one contesting the posts and when is the deadline of registration for voters?

  46. francis says:

    we were told feb 28 is the date to commence election process. what happened? Any one can pls update me on or or 0723581951

  47. livingstone kairu mwariri says:

    kudos mayuth cos u are rising to the occassion.elections are there as from end of march and please get in touch with the ministry o youth affairs at your local district offices.registrations are still on.if you read this and you come from laikipia west am vying for district chairmanship lets meet there

  48. To all ma youths thanks for those have been at a position to update us on the move. am personally happy with the progress and lets hope that we will have the NYC 2009 ACT implemented as it was stated. please lets keep toiling and boiling to boiling point to achieve the in achievable, let us not wait the beautiful ones to be born when we die, we are! we are! the beautiful ones, if we miss this then i assure u, we’ll never get any.
    Lets work as a team and Together we succeed .

    David Innocent

  49. Erick Kamau says:

    Thank you 4vinformation.please I would like 2 knw where voters are being registered.

  50. francis ndungu says:

    kudos for the infor…all the youth need is light, sharing of infor is definately the way to light.

  51. Malik Mzee Mwabondo says:

    Hi, thanks all for keeping the fire burning. Election are due any time in April. Kindly keep your respective youth officer in you division or district on toes. One more question; Do I need a degree to vie for national or provincial post. Cheers guys.

  52. bunei timothy says:

    Hi pals .thanks for your good services.i just want to know the procedures of applying to be a member and also a candidate on the elections.i think i have the capability to serve my fellow colleagues.

  53. mwenda Timothy says:

    I like the information and wish to be kept on date.

  54. Kariuki Edward says:

    Thanx alot for making it clear.we will appreciate any future reference on the matter.keep us posted.

  55. please my qiuz is about 2011 election, am in Nairobi in college and i wanted to vie for the sub-location /location seat is it possible if am in Nairobi while the location is in Western Kenya?

  56. obala joseph says:

    we as the youths of this nation must help to stop poverty, preventable diseases, ethnicity, drug abuse, child labour,immorality,corruption etc. we must make this a new nation free from the vices.

  57. Wafula Stephen Marango says:

    I am ready!

  58. francis says:

    i hope the elections are not postponed again. where is the national coordinating office? publicity still very low, in fact information about this is largely regarded as propaganda. we contestants are having trouble seeking votes to youths who are not even aware of the exercise.

  59. otieno evans says:

    Hope you guys are fully equiped with the procedure of NYC elections following MOYAS advert on Standard newspaper of 18th March,2011. Please make appoint of visiting the nearest Youth Office to rgister as a voter before the deadline. Please our sisters and the persons with disabilities are encouraged to vie for positions in the NYC.

  60. its with grreat pleasure to have such reccomendable site to air our views my concern is this marshal plan for youth one in amillion found in the vast african continent lets embrace this exercise peacefully MAY LOARD LEAD US RIGHT PATH

  61. Dear fellow youth.
    Its time that our government has discovered the importance of youth in a country development. Unemployment for youth while the government is releasing millions of money through youth, if the people concerned are fit for their positions then they should be strategical on projects that are permanently solving this issue of unemployment, as well as earning back revenue to the government. bearing in mind that Kenya is one of the richest country in terms of resources, European technical profession, and social experience, am tarmacking to link youth.
    “Computer designs and wood technology,
    Gewerblische schule sigmaringen, (GERMANY 2003-2004)

  62. christine juma says:

    i am surprised that the national youth council process seem to be a new thing in one has the information about the council. this is not the kind of information delivery we want. can this information be public and accessible to all youth? and where is the publicity team or is it for the selected few?

  63. Gil Nasiali says:

    I agree with Christine, such information should be made available to the entire Country in a manner that will create participation for all. Institutions such as Churches, Colleges, Polytechnics, Youth groups and campuses should be utilized to the maximum.

    and we hope its not just a matter of us leaving replies that wont be responded to. I f this is a serious thing, the queries raised above must be addressed.

  64. francis says:

    we have already returned nomination papers, substantial time has been spent lobbying. we hope elections will be held soonest. i thank you who have promised me votes in city square. i seek to those i have not reached, and to those who will not vote for me, i can hear your voices!. And people of goodwill, send them on

  65. Messo says:

    Am so much grateful for the information,would so much like to be getting updates

  66. Ruth wanjiru says:

    registration goes on mpaka 30th April. I urge all yths of laikipia east to register wit da nearest sub chief n pick voters cards so as to take part in this important process.

  67. GEORGEZ CHEGE says:

    Are there other places where the youth can get information about this NYC? Net is not enough for alot of people down the ladder may not have access to it.

  68. Steve Abuto says:

    Thanks for the notification, our only worry is how will be elections conducted…………………..NYAKACH CONSTITUENCY

  69. Hinny Mayende says:

    Hi,I thank you the entire organisation for enlightening us about the project.I am now prevelaged for I was very green on this,the adjournment I heard it on the NTV today in the morning.So what are the requirements to apply for a post?And what are the posts given?

  70. Hinny Mayende says:

    Hinny Mayende-Kakamega also wanted to know the working conditions,of the elected members.Does it require any registration fee?

  71. otieno evans says:

    The magnitude of vulnerabilty and marginalization of Kenyan youth is yet to come to pass only if all the youth appreciate that the NYC is the first step towards having Govt. policies for the Youth and by the youth. Be your brothers’ keepers by disseminating this Information to fellow youth. With just a week (30th April) to closure of registration ensure the youth within your neighbourhood register at the Assistant chief’s office and/or Youth Ministry offices. Sub Locational elections begin on 16th May,2011.

  72. Absolom says:

    Thanx alot this is the Kenyan and the Kenyans we need. when will the elections be held and criteria followed for the same?

  73. koffigoh toroitich rotich says:

    Thats great kenyan youth are now heading to a broad road to day light

  74. Ruth wanjiru says:

    I agree with evans otieno. The ball is in our court fellow youths. Tuajibike n register in large numbers.lets vie for those seats n nominate guys that can tetea our rights effectively. All info can be got from ministry of youth office near you or kwa chief, D.O or D.C. Nanyuki youths lets go for it!

  75. marasi safanson says:

    please keep us posted on the developments of this noble idea of uniting kenyan youths,we must and we must participate in all leadership processes of this country.

  76. Jeremy says:

    Its not late, youths you can still register b4 30th/04/11. coz its better late than never.

  77. isaac melly says:

    young people lets rise up and the defend the rights of every young person. national youth council is the way to go

  78. Ruth wanjiru says:

    hi guys! I just heard that registration has been extended to 7th may but elections dates remain the same. Sambaza those that hadn’t registered can do so now. Remember that elections start at the sub location level where 6 are elected then the 6 from each s.loc elect 6 for location then the 6 from each loc elect 6 for division then the 6 from each division elect 6 for district then district sends 3 to province n 3 to National youth congress. Whatever level interests you go for it

  79. francis says:

    if registration have been extended, there is possibility that they are shy to postpone the elections altogether. or they are not prepared to conduct the elections! ma youths this is a strong indication why we should press for recognition by govt. They don’ t just take us seriously.

  80. otieno evans says:

    Let show them that we have the numbers for senators,Governors and even the CEO of this nation, our turn out for NYC elections will show that the date and time for youth leadership in all sectors in this country is nolonger tomorrow- it is today! And we cant wait anylonger when we are the people! Plz register as a voter even if you just have birth certificate, school leaving certificate, ID-waiting slip , baptisimal card etc. provided you are aged between 18 and 35- YES We can when we have the numbers.

  81. Ruth wanjiru says:

    I dont think they can postpone the elections. The reg. Period is extended coz some areas the no. Registered is so low. Its true some areas dont even have youths vieing for the nominations. If hamkujitokeza in your sub locations mta blame nani when youth issues are over looked at that level? Juu mi naona kama hakutakuwa na vijana level fulani wenye wako ndio watasonga mbele. Sijui ka mnaelewa. Tiz important that we sambaza this maneno, sana to those wako mashinani ndani. Any ideas how we can reach them?

  82. kago kagunye says:

    its challengin’ bt its only the stronger in heart,that will survive,here @ Gatundu north we av mobilised the Youth n we r ready 4 16:05:201.The day we shall vote in our representatives.


    its well said than done.dissemination of information is crucial but right now youth are still in dark and we expect a new dawn.LET NOT SHOW THE WAY BUT LEAD THE WAY OF CHANGE.


    we should go to the ballot with the available registered voters, this would be a good start. but aspirants should know ignorance is still a big issue with the youth. quite a big number of the youth are aware but do not bother. two, since there are no handouts as is custom in kenyan politics, the stakes are not that high. every time you encourage youths to register the “chapaa” question arises. We have a long way to go men!

  85. WILSON KIOKO says:

    I agree with Francis Macharia. everyone is asking for money. They all think we are campaigning for 2012. something needs to be done. Next time let the concerned people release information early.

  86. Kate Achoki says:

    This is encouraging 2 the hopeless. Atleast this round it has been brought public. Lets observe fair and justfied election in NYC. Youths lets go for it. Lets be focused as an eagle.

  87. Ruth wanjiru says:

    Hi guys. The registration is now closed n its up to us to turn up in large numbers for the voting process. Lets show em guys n I wish all those vieing all the best

  88. Rotich K James says:

    I suppose the voting date be in around July so as to enable majority of the Youth to participate cos many of us are now in school

  89. Ruth wanjiru says:

    voting starts on Monday the 16th may in most areas. Tujitokeze kwa umob n vote in our leaders. Vijana wa Nanyuki mko wapi?!

  90. jidale abu says:

    thanx for notifications.kenyan youth should wake up n take the mantle.we should have a transparent elections.

  91. Sylvester Kimiti says:

    Thanks alot for the information on NYC but we as youth in Yatta we would request more light to be shed on(possibly over the media)
    1.What are the requirements for delegates
    2.What are the benefits of the elected NYC participants
    3.When are the elections Held
    4.Can employees under the age of 35Yrs vie for the seats.
    In a nut shell we know nothing about the whole process

  92. stephen kagochi says:

    pleas inform me n how the elections will be conducted

  93. otieno evans says:

    NYC elections begin at 7am upto 2pm counting of votes begins at 2pm to 5pm. I want to appeal to all regstered voters to turn up for the exercise to determine the extent of responsibility of an empowered youth towards building a better Kenya. Thumbs up for the Turkana South Youth for registering in large numbers in all the sub- locations, I hope you will all turn up for the elections.

  94. peter shikoli says:

    Standing tall 4 the youths of my area tuji tokeze kwa wingi so we can exercise our right 2 vote 4our own youth representatives

  95. Irene Kambo says:

    we had the sub-locational level elections on 17th May,(kariobangi north)and am so disappointed by the voters turn-out.Out of 1180 registered voters only 346 came out to vote.

  96. silvia Matum says:

    Glad fo those who registered for YES. we need to exercise this right given to us FEARLESSLY.

  97. Jacob Kolum says:

    Here at Cheptonon station Mosop constituency we have succefully vote. Youth turn-up in large number and we vote by 2:30pm

  98. Karani N. Mungania says:

    We held our sub-location elections on 16th but there was a poor turnout in the whole exercise,both in the registration and voting. This means we have to hold the bull by its horns when we have a well organized NYC to make the youth understand and believe in themselves.

  99. Ruth wanjiru says:

    elections in laikipia east went well as from sub loc. Level. Voter turn out was 45% not bad considering registration was slow n door to door. Loc n div elations will conclude this week with district on the 30th of May. In all we give God the glory n hope the elected yths will do us proud

  100. antony says:

    is it true that national youth council elections was halted by government and if so when will it be re-done?

  101. FRANCIS says:

    No, Antony. the elections were halted by some individuals who obtained a court injunction to stop the election on several grounds that they said contravened the gazetted ministerial guidelines on N.Y.C. election. However, delegates from all counties in Kenya held a peaceful demo on Monday and presented petitions to prime minister, parliament and the Attorney general to act quickly to put the exercise back in track. pls, elected delegates in your area remains until otherwise. for more email or facebk NATIONAL YOUTH COUNCIL.

  102. Abdinoor A. Haji says:

    we are not all sure and absolutely have no knowledge on who have halted this election. Was it the government or individuals with negative minds?
    my second question is, when will the election be re-done? and who will be the supervisors?
    thirdly, what will be done to those who were already elected and representing their respective districts?
    pals, looking forward to hear much from you

    God bless kenyan youths

  103. john says:

    no update since 2010 what,s up

  104. daniel karanja says:

    This process is taking too long.Is there no way to spped it up.All the same it would be wise to keep everyone updated on any progress or setbacks encountered

  105. mannocheff says:

    Thanks for the people who came up with such a wise idea. I would request the relevant authorities to take enough time so as to ensure that they come up with the structure that will fit in the ongoing constitutional reforms. And will enhance democracy while acknowledging the presence of our election system.

    Stephen Chahasi
    community Youth leader, Sabatia.

  106. Justine kimonge says:

    Pliz update us what next after the correction of the NYC elections

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