In the New Kenya, justice must be seen to be swift

Today’s daily nation has a picture on the back page which may without the noticeable features of a worried Kamlesh Pattni cause the reader to turn the page.

The picture captioned “In the dock: Sh 5.8 billion Goldenberg case mentioned” has Pattni who has remorphed from tycoon to evangelist accompanied by others, many youth may not know. However, in the early 1990s when the albatross of Goldenberg which swindled Kenya’s national reserves, the three men accompanying Brother Paul Pattni in the dock were senior officials in the Central Bank and Treasury.

However today’s picture captures old men. The question is when will Goldenberg be put to an end? How in the New Kenya can the youth have faith in a system where cases take almost twenty years to be settled?


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One Response to In the New Kenya, justice must be seen to be swift

  1. The best way is not forming the inquiries or having faith in our system. If individuals feels that their ill-gotten wealth is enough for them let them enjoy but God wili bring them to justice. as youth let us focus on sustainable development. by the way,no system of this country can be trusted.

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