Call For Profiles and Summary Of Work Done For A National Conference On Non-State Actors Role In Decentralized Financing In Kenya

An initiative of the Institute of Economic Affairs-Kenya in Partnership with Kenya Human Rights Commission (KHRC), The Youth Agenda (YAA), Society for International Development (SID), Social and Public Accountability Network/The Institute of Social Accountability (SPAN/TISA), National Taxpayers Association (NTA), Muslims for Human Rights (MUHURI), National Council of Churches of Kenya (NCCK) & State University of New York-Centre for International Development (SUNY-Kenya) with funding from Diakonia-Sweden


Kenya has been decentralizing financial resources aimed at facilitating development at the grassroots. Non-state actors (civil society organizations and community based organizations) have played a big role in affecting the impact of these resources. However, these efforts have not been coordinated, acknowledged, or documented to understand their impact in various parts of Kenya.

In partnership with other organization and in line with its mandate as a knowledge brokerage organization, IEA-Kenya is keen to ensure that these success stories are made visible. To this end, IEA-Kenya is calling for brief profiles from organizations countrywide that have had a significant impact on the use of CDF, LATF and/or RMLF in their communities. Successful organizations will be invited the National Non-State Actors Conference where they will showcase their work and network.


The conference will bring together different stakeholders such as academia, Government and development Partners. The objectives of the conference are three fold and they include:

i. To understand the extent of non-state actors involvement in decentralized financing
ii. To audit the impact of decentralized financing as a result of the non-state actors intervention

iii. To enhance the networking of these organizations for greater impact in future

iv. To receive feedback from the State Actors on the work of Non-State Actors thus encouraging collaboration
v. To deliberate on entry points and role of Non-State Actors in the new constitutional framework, particularly the devolved government

Content of the Profiles

In order to aide selection of participating organizations, Non-State Organizations are requested send a brief profile/summary (not exceeding 1,000 words). The profile should contain but not limited to the following:-

i. The name and contacts of the organization including physical address
ii. Geographical Location of operation – District(s), Constituency (ies) and location of intervention.
iii. Type/level of intervention (training, advocacy etc)
iv. Duration of intervention
v. Fund addressed i.e. CDF, LATF, RMLF
vi. Success story as a result of the intervention (i.e. the actual changes that have taken place e.g. 10 deserving students got access to CDF’s bursary allocation and other general/practical changes that have taken place in the community as a result of the intervention, CDF bursary allocation is more transparent)
vii. Experiences, Lessons learnt and Challenges in the intervention
viii. Citations of documents published on work done

Submission Date

Selected organizations will be duly informed of the conference details. The profiles should be sent by email to with Subject: Profile for Non-State Actors Role in Decentralized Financing. This should be on or before the Friday, 10 September 2010 by 1700 Hours.

For any enquiries please contact Abraham Rugo on the same email or by phone +020 2721262.


About yipe
Yipe an acronym for the Youth Interactive Portal for Enterprise is an organization that assists entrepreneurs to start up and manage their small businesses.

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