University Student Leaders Position On Funding Of Courses


DATE: 04/09/2010

1.       The Courses Debate

We the Kenya University students organization take this opportunity to give our stand on the blazing debate that the presents the university students as villain, victors or both. The weights are still unsettled on the need supremacy between the social sciences and the pure sciences.

This stand comes after wide consultation and consensus and finally to a convergent premise that we feel is the reality to the student community. We therefore weigh the two divides created by this debate soberly.

First, we want to thank the Minister for Higher Education William Ruto for the good work of opening up virtual education which he said will be launched early 2011. This is a timely move to upgrade the literacy level in this country amidst the wake of the intellectual explosion globally.

We also ratify the great intention by the government to beef up technical expertise by enhancing practical integration of knowledge through attachments at the relevant industries. This makes us not to underestimate the need for technical expatriates to drive our vision 2030.

And as waziri pointed in his Friday 24th Daily Nation article on the expatriate deficiency where Kenya has:

  • Only one expert in Atomic energy development
  • Not a single expert in nuclear chemistry
  • One expert in radiation medicine…and probably many more

This is an eye opener that Kenya has a long way to go in installing an infrastructure that will deliver intellectuals that will match the desired industrial expectation.

We therefore on the same wavelength strongly state that we fault and disagree with the financial prioritization of the scientific disciplines over the social disciplines without keenly diagnosing the Kenyan situation deeply.

  • As the government loses billions in mass corruption and several financial mysteries in irrelevant projects, it time that a substantial amount be invested with the HELB which only got a 1.45 billion out of the Trillion budget
  • As brilliant innovations are being made in secondary school science congresses and university labs, few are patented by the government and made into industrial brands as China has done.
  • The few science graduates have to chase the Kenyan dream desperately in Nairobi and do anything since the industries have no capacity of absorption.

Conclusively we believe that the attempt by the Ministry of Higher Education to take this position cannot be ignored yet its success depends on the government integrated approach. If it will be The Minister’s or the Ministries’ idea alone then forever it will remain a war of humanities and sciences yet this is not the case.

The Scientific revolution age need the undivided attention from the government with the same measure it solved the post election violence or any other national crisis. This is a national disaster that needs not one but many.


We propose the following:

  1. The ministry to increase and stabilize dwindling funding for university education from the exchequer which then should provide additional funding in the areas of deficiency
  2. Vision 2030 to be addressed holistically since it has three pillars with the social pillar being one of them. We need scientific innovation that is commensurate with social stability as well or else we will have a developed fallen state.
  3. Strengthening the CHE (Commission of Higher Education) with the necessary teeth to execute quality assurance. This is because the charter approval is under the jurisdiction of the CHE therefore they must clean the dirt at the academies.
  4. Employment strategy for the science graduates who most of them are doing jobs that are irrelevant to what they did in the universities. The insurance and banking sectors have profound affinity towards these students. The Higher Education Ministry should have a liaison with the industrial sectors to create employment and this should be reflected to the public.

Failure to this: The students will have peaceful demonstration to show the government that this is a grave matter that has to be withdrawn and brought to table very differently as it is.

2.       The Constitution

After historical promulgation of the constitution we urge the government to commit to its word by involving everybody especially the youths. This should translate into non influenced leadership formation at both the counties and other electoral positions in the future. It is so encouraging that the Kenyans have embraced the power of the vote regardless of political persuasions.

RAY OCHIENG                                           GRACE ROTICH

CHAIRMAN                                                SECRETARY GENERAL


Cell Phn: 0727864197                               0725339256


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2 Responses to University Student Leaders Position On Funding Of Courses

  1. winnie jerop says:

    i concur with u guys that for this country to have balanced developement,we require equity in human capital developement.

  2. winnie jerop says:

    i concur with u guys that for this country to have balanced developement,we require equity in human capital.

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