Villages in Action Conference

On Saturday, November 27th 2010, microphones will be mounted on a stage center in a little village called Kikuube. Though the locale is in rural Uganda, the matters discussed will be of international importance namely, just what the MDGs are in action.

As TMS Ruge writes, the assumption that everyone knows about the MDGs is just that. However the very poor the MDGs aim to uplift are themselves addressing the challenges.

Thus this first Villages in Action conference will highlight what grassroot initiatives are happening, as well as questioning “the notion that the sustainability of our communities depends on intervention from the West”.

It will surely be great for the Villages conferences to take off throughout Africa.

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One Response to Villages in Action Conference

  1. Well it will be great but it will be greater if it will have a positive impact on the MDS goals. it may be more worse to have series of meeting across Africa to discuss what can not be implemented

    Chahasi, sabatia

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