Kenya Youth Human Rights Camp 2010 call for Applications

Akiba Uhaki Foundation – the Human Rights and Social Justice Fund, in conjunction with the Youth Entrepreneurship & Sustainability(YES Kenya) Network, the Youth Congress and the Youth Interactive Portal for  Enterprise(YIPE) is pleased to announce a call for applications to attend the Kenya Youth Human Rights Camp 2010, set to commence on International
Human Rights Day (December 10th, 2010) to Jamhuri Day (December 12th, 2010) at the Lukenya Getaway.

This event has been organised as part of a series of actions to identify and develop young leaders who are aware of human rights and social justice and who can actively play leading roles in Kenya’s development and reform-related activities. The theme of this year’s camp is Young Kenyans-Unite for Change & Human Rights.

The Camp will make use of the concept of informal Youth Human Rights and Trade Justice Camp models as a way to encourage youth participation in a relaxed atmosphere. Facilitation of the sessions will be done by a mix of human rights and social justice practitioners and activists, so the participants will gain valuable insights on the need for both evidence-driven
advocacy and effective “street-activism” methods. In addition, a variety of fun activities will be organised to enable social interaction among the participants.

Camp activities will include:

  • Inspire-Walking the Talk Sessions: that will motivate the participants in leadership, social action, fostering human rights activism and community engagement.
  • Documentaries: the participants will view a variety of documentaries to learn about programmes on human rights and social justice built around shared best practices.
  • Open Space: this will be an open area that will provide an opportunity for the participants to share and discuss stories and issues related to this year’s theme.
  • And of course, a variety of Fun Events!

Eligibility criteria:

Applicants must be Kenyan citizens, aged between 18 and 25 years and have completed secondary school. In the spirit of human rights and equity for all, all youth within the stipulated age bracket are encouraged to apply, regardless of gender, disability, religious affiliations, etc.

How to apply to attend the Kenya Young Leaders Human Rights Camp 2010:

For the 2010 Camp, only 50 candidates will be invited to attend. In order to apply, candidates will have to fill out an APPLICATION FORM available for download.

The deadline for applications will be Monday 22nd November, 2010. Participation is free.

Download the Press Release for more information


About yipe
Yipe an acronym for the Youth Interactive Portal for Enterprise is an organization that assists entrepreneurs to start up and manage their small businesses.

One Response to Kenya Youth Human Rights Camp 2010 call for Applications

  1. I recently visited The Kenya National Archive and of all I saw, what touched me was Dedan Kimathi’s last word expressed in form of a letter. He shows much concern to his son’s education. Funny enough, he courageously say he was busy and happy preparing for heaven. Wasn’t he a true hero? Let’s not be intimidated. We are the youth, the voice of the voiceless.

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