Push for Generational Change in 2012 in Kenya is not about Change in Leaders per se, but Change in Leadership Substance.

By Madaraka People’s Movement

The push for generational change in 2012 in Kenya is not about particular individuals, and their small-minded ambitions. It is not about biological age either. It is about a new post-modern, selfless, efficient and responsive governance, that is rooted on the people. It is not about generational change of leaders-but a generational change in leadership.

The new generation of computers is not about the age of the people behind those computers, but about the computers themselves, and what they can do to make our lives better. If an 80 year old can sit behind a desk and write new code and produce new APPs, and engineer new systems, why say no to him or her? But if he or she insists that “hadithi za kale” is the alpha and omega of wisdom, then he or she has no room in the laboratory of change.

Likewise, the envisaged generational change of leadership that is inevitable in 2012 is about a system of thought- an ideology of transformation, a beginner’s mind. The past 47 years of pure anti-people selfish greed is almost strangling the country we call Kenya to death.

This deterioration has resulted in a Kenya that is almost devoid of Kenyans. Although there are over 38 million human beings who live in Kenya today, perhaps less than a million are really Kenyans. The rest are just Kikuyu, Luo, Luhyia, Kalenjin, Kamba, Kisii, Samburu, Pokot, Somali, Taita, Maasai, Meru, Turkana, Embu, Swahili, Ogiek,  Boran, Taveta, Kuria, Suba, Pokomo. Orma, Mjikenda, Rendille, Tachoni, Europeans or Asians WHO HAPPEN TO LIVE IN KENYA.

We must strive to persuade these tribal folk to join the Kenyan nation. The diversity of our nation is our strength. No one is being asked to dissolve his or ethnicity in order to be a  true Kenyan. Who we are and our ancestry and heritage is important. But being smart means knowing the boundaries of one’s family issues and ethnic issues and national issues and African issues and World issues.

For example if you are a top government official and your daughter comes and asks you to give her 3 million shillings from government coffers, being a Kenyan (as opposed to being just a member of your family) requires that you firmly tell your daughter that: “dear daughter, although I love you very much, I am sorry. This 3 million shillings belongs to all Kenyans. I do not have 3 millions. Let us be content with what we have and serve our fellow Kenyans instead of being thieves”. That is the smart new type of leadership Kenyans are striving for.

It is the exact opposite of what is happening in our leadership circles today. Kenya is being purposefully destroyed by empty-headed politicians who want leadership, but have no vision. They have only one strategy—intimidate and coerce their tribes people to vote as a block for them. Once they are voted in, they disappear for 5 years while the youth who fought tribal wars for them suffer mass unemployment.

However, because of the emerging group of visionaries leaders, who are committed to ushering in a new generation of leadership, this self-serving politics is dead in the water. In 2012, we must demand issues—and politely decline any political recruitment based on ethnicity.

We must all resolve today—to be “born again politically”—to become true Kenyans—not just members of our ethnic group who happens to live in Kenya, but real nationalists. The struggle in 2012 is going to be a struggle between the backward nonthinking 14th century tribalists and forward-looking smart 21st century nationalists. A commitment to Kenya as a nation is the beginning of wisdom and maturity. The task ahead is enormous -as tribalists who misgovern also control the newspapers, radios, TVs, where they spew their tribal vitriol day in day out.

Let us smartly use the new media and social networks (which they laugh at) to pull the rug from under their feet in 2012. 47 years of rot is almost killing our country. If these tribal leaders with ancient minds win again in 2012, Kenya will not survive another 5 years without collapsing. The people must win in 2012 or Kenya is lost forever. For us to survive as a nation beyond 2012, Kenya must be born afresh. We implore those who are still beguiled with and mesmerized by empty ethnic politics: Please get out that tribal political ghetto where empty nonsensical rhetoric is taken for wisdom so long as it preaches tribalism.


The establishment of Madaraka party means holding fast to the principle of solving for oneself all the problems in conformity with the actual conditions of one’s country, mainly by one’s own efforts. This is an independent stand of discarding the spirit of dependence on others, displaying the spirit of self-reliance, and solving ones own affairs on ones own responsibilities under all circumstances.

Thus the concept of Madaraka, simply “self-reliance,” as it is often translated, but also includes the “spirit” and the goal of maintaining total independence, of trusting no other nation, and solving its own problems without foreign interference with its sovereignty.

Our objective is socio-economic transformation and sustainable prosperity for Kenya.

Join fellow progressives in charting a new vision for a new era. Subscribe: madaraka-kenya-subscribe@yahoogroups.com


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