National Youth Council election guidelines

The Kenya Gazette notice for:


Legislative Supplement
7—The National Youth Council Act—Guidelines on the Election of Youth Representatives to
the National Youth Council.


is available here


About yipe
Yipe an acronym for the Youth Interactive Portal for Enterprise is an organization that assists entrepreneurs to start up and manage their small businesses.

11 Responses to National Youth Council election guidelines

  1. NOOR.A.AHMED says:

    Would like to be update on youth issues.

  2. NOOR.A.AHMED says:

    would to be updated on youth issues

  3. NOOR.A.AHMED says:

    plse update my email.thanks

  4. as per the guide line I don’t get a part saying a nominating group to nominate two of different gender

  5. pliz update my email

  6. oduor collins odhiambo says:

    may you please update me on the positions,number and election rules available for the election day.

  7. Joseph katana says:

    Pliz and pliz update my Email on my position

  8. cornel Juma says:

    Thank you for the initiative that the Ministry OF Youth Affairs and Sports has taken to see the implementation of NYC.
    However I seek clarity about the elective levels ie sub location, location, Division then …………

  9. NOOR.A.AHMED says:

    Easter greeting to all.let the ministry take in to consideration the issue of Geographical disparities especialy North Eastern Kenya which is information barren and can not Access both K.B.C. Radio and Television almost 50 years down independence.

  10. john nganga mbatia says:

    pls as a disabled person which level am i supposed reach if no person is oppossing me, but with form 4 level of education

  11. Narikae Risa says:

    What will happen to areas where election has not been done?

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