Lake Turkana Cultural Festival

The National Museums of Kenya in collaboration with the German Embassy, will be hosting this year’s Lake Turkana Cultural Festival from 13th – 15th May, 2011 in Loiyangalani.

Loiyangalani is a small town located on the southeastern coast of Lake Turkana in Kenya.  The  name means “a place of many trees” in the native Samburu tongue and is home to the El Molo, an almost extinct community, amongst other communities.

Its main industries include fishing, tourism and gold panning. It is fast becoming a popular tourist destination in Northern Kenya, as the surrounding El Molo and Turkana villages, amongst others, offer unique experiences.

In June 2008, the National Museums of Kenya officially opened the first and only Desert Museum in Loiyangalani, which mirrors the cultures and lifestyles of the eight communities that live around the lake region. This is also the year when the 1st Cultural Festival took place celebrating and uniting all tribes affiliated to Lake Turkana.

This will be a memorable experience to celebrate and help preserve the cultures of the El Molo, Samburu, Gabbra, Rendile, Watta, Dassanach, Pokot and the Turkana.

For more information on the festival and bookings please visit

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One Response to Lake Turkana Cultural Festival

  1. Allan Muturi says:


    I am part of a group of independent photojournalist based in Nairobi who are trying to capture memorable moments in our society. Although we are looking at the bigger picture, we are being faced by a number of challenges with traveling to the sites being the major one. We have our own cameras and other required equipments but sometimes lack means to travel to far places. As such I am humbly requesting if as organizers of the Lake Turkana Cultural Festival you can facilitate for traveling to Loiyangalani to attend the event. In return I will capture every moment and give to you free of charge the photos which are of high quality.

    Kindly get back to and let me know whether this will be possible.

    Kind Regards,

    Allan Muturi
    0733 947 513

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