Berger-Marks Foundation Edna Award

The Washington, D.C.-based Berger-Marks Foundation provides financial assistance to women who are engaged in union organizing and to assist working women who want to organize other women into unions through training, research, and other resources.

The foundation is inviting applications for the Edna Award, a new $10,000 award created to honour a young woman leader in the social justice movement who has made an extraordinary contribution early in her career and whose achievements indicate that her work will continue to significantly improve the lives of working women and men.

Young women from labour unions, women’s groups, workers’ rights groups, and other areas of social justice are encouraged to apply.

Applicants must be 35 years of age or younger on December 31st 2011. Women can apply for the award themselves or be nominated by others.

The complete program guidelines and the application form are available at the Berger-Marks Foundation Web site

Nomination deadline is July 15th 2011

For more awards opportunities, visit


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