Nokia Create for Millions Contest

Nokia has announced “Create for Millions” a global competition that brings consumers and developers together to create applications for Nokia’s Series 40 mobile phones. Create for Millions also provides developers an opportunity to bring Java and web apps to millions of consumers worldwide and win their share of cash and prizes valued at One Million Euros.

The Create for Millions contest features four categories where you can bring out your best work for Nokia’s Series 40 phones:

1. In the Know –seeking your Series 40 web apps focusing on news and location-based information.
2. Fun & Games – show your Series 40 Java games and entertainment apps that will fill those spare moments during the day with amusing, unforgettable diversions.
3. Emotional Closeness – submit social networking apps that are developed either as Series 40 Java apps or web apps.
4. Access to Knowledge – enter your life improvement apps (e.g., education, health, etc.), and in this category we’ll accept either Series 40 Java apps or web apps, too.

For more information, visit Create for Millions Contest.htm


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One Response to Nokia Create for Millions Contest

  1. Xod says:

    thank you i’lll check it out

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