AfriCOG Investigative Journalism Fellowship – Call for Applications

AfriCOG is an independent non-profit organisation whose governance and anti-corruption reform initiatives are aimed at addressing the structural causes of Kenya’s governance crises.

AfriCOG’s Investigative Journalism is a competitive fellowship aimed at supporting talented journalists to investigate topical public interest cases and publish a compelling story in the area of governance and anti-corruption reform through print or broadcast media.

AfriCOG invites qualified journalists to apply for the Investigative Journalism Fellowship. Interesting themes could fall under:

  • Misuse of public resources
  • Electoral issues e.g. political party and campaign financing
  • Organised crime and money laundering
  • Environmental governance issues
  • Regulatory failures.

AfriCOG will consider any other area of interest that falls within the mandate of anti-corruption and good governance.


Journalists with either print or broadcasting journalism experience, and a keen interest in developing their investigative journalism skills. Both full time and freelance journalists are encouraged to apply.


The application form is available by visiting

Deadline for submissions of entries is November 17th 2011 at 4PM.


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2 Responses to AfriCOG Investigative Journalism Fellowship – Call for Applications

  1. betty says:

    so is it limited to journalists only or law student…… political science students may hand in their reports……..?

  2. yipe says:


    This open to full time and freelance journalists. Thanks for visiting Yipe! You can also find more fellowships by visiting

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