Terms of Reference for a Baseline Assessment on the Status of Young Women in Political Parties



The Youth Agenda (YAA) is a premier youth organization that works towards a ‘just, equitable and progressive society in which young people fully enjoy social, economic and political rights and opportunities’. This vision is grounded in the belief that it is possible to realize a globally competitive and prosperous nation with a high quality of life in the near future, as envisaged by Kenya’s Vision 2030. One of our core mandates is to facilitate technical and legislative support to youth and those in leadership positions, in parliament, government and devolved units.


Through the support of UN Women – GGP III Programme, the Youth Agenda is implementing the Get Involved Initiative (scaling up young women participation in Kenya electoral processes) that aims to increase understanding of gender gains amongst young people particularly young women. The focus will be to ensure that young women gain the adequate skills and information to ‘get involved’ in the electoral process whether as aspirants or active citizens in governance issues. As such more young women will participate effectively in political parties and engage meaningfully within the new devolved structure.


The Get Involved Initiative: Outcome


YAA seeks to achieve one key outcome through the Get Involved Initiative: contribute towards protecting and promoting the right of women to participate in the electoral processes and governance in Kenya by end of 2012.


Objective and Scope of Baseline Assessment


The main objective of the consultancy is to determine the status of youth (that is young women) within key political parties in Kenya. The baseline assessment will collect quantitative data and will look to assess the following issues:


  • the existence of political parties;
  • the existence of youth leagues within these political parties and their mandate thereof;
  • youth membership (especially young women) in political parties; and
  • the roles young women play within the political parties.


The results will be used to develop a status report on youth representation and participation in political parties, with recommendations on frameworks and actions to be undertaken to provide an opportunity for young women to effectively participate in political parties.


Main Tasks of Consultancy

The consultant will work in conjunction with the Program Officer in charge of the Initiative and the Chief Executive Officer to finalise the design and inception plan for the study.


The consultant is expected to undertake the following tasks:


  1. Develop an inception report, detailing the methodology, survey instruments, work plan schedule and budget to carry out the assignment.
  2. Develop a Sampling Design and Data Collection & Management tool that is standardized.
  3. Co-ordinate collection of data, and its entry into a suitable platform for analysis
  4. Analyse and interpret the findings
  5. Develop and submit the baseline assessment report including the detailed methodology, specific findings, providing key recommendations for implementation


Expected Deliverables


The consultant(s) shall be required to submit:


  1. Inception Report detailing the evaluation design, methodology, tools, work plan and budget;
  2. Data collection tools;
  3. Draft and final Baseline Assessment Reports; and
  4. Copies of original and cleaned data sets including audio sets and transcribed material.


Time Frame


The estimated time period of execution is 30 working days from the date of award of the contract.


Baseline Team Composition And Qualifications


The baseline team will comprise of individuals/firms who should have the following skills and capabilities:


A. Lead Consultant


  • Post-graduate qualifications in law, political science or any other social science field;
  • Demonstrated Knowledge of the governance sector and political processes in Kenya;
  • Experience in policy analysis;
  • Experience in conducting baseline studies with multiple components;
  • Excellent data analysis and interpretation skills; and
  • Demonstrated high level of professionalism and an ability to work independently and in high-pressure situations under tight deadlines.


B. Data Collectors/ Researchers


  • A mixture of data collectors/ researchers with graduate qualifications in law, political science or any other social science field;
  • Experience in conducting baselines with multiple components;
  • Demonstrated Knowledge of the governance sector and political processes in Kenya; and
  • Excellent data analysis and interpretation skills.



Interested and qualified candidates should submit a detailed proposal with the following components: understanding and interpretation of TOR, proposed methodology, activity schedule, relevant experience related to the assignment and the curriculum vitae of key personnel by close of business Tuesday 20th December 2011 to: info@youthagenda.org; CC: judy.nguru@youthagenda.org


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Yipe an acronym for the Youth Interactive Portal for Enterprise is an organization that assists entrepreneurs to start up and manage their small businesses.

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