Green Economy Eco-Business Innovation Challenge

The Green Economy Eco-Business Innovations Challenge (GEEBIZ) is a global business innovations challenge for young people to express their vision and entrepreneurship skills and apply them to the building of a green economy. The ultimate goal is to ENCOURAGE young people (up to age 30) to put forward innovative business ideas that can form the building blocks of a new, clean green economy based on renewable energy, resource efficiency, social equity, and the restoration as well as the conservation of the earth’s eco- systems

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About yipe
Yipe an acronym for the Youth Interactive Portal for Enterprise is an organization that assists entrepreneurs to start up and manage their small businesses.

One Response to Green Economy Eco-Business Innovation Challenge

  1. Hassan Yussf Mohamed says:

    these is wonderful initiative, that should spread wide enough so that it will even reach as far as Northern Part of Kenya, where youth are facing multiple of challenges, ranging from abject poverty , cycle drought and high unemployment rate.

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