Greece: The Golden Dawn has risen

ImageHarsh austerity measures imposed in the past two years in Greece has placed severe strain on public spending and resulted in disaffection and rage among the population. In a country where 1 in 2 young people are unemployed, it is no surprise that the Hryssi Avgi (Golden Dawn) Party managed to claim 7% of seats in the just concluded parliamentary elections.

Registered as a political party in 1993, though the leadership claim that they are not neo-nazi; with a uniform of black shirts bearing an insignia similar to the Nazi emblem, Golden Dawn have been blamed for violent hate fueled attacks on immigrants, particularly in the low-end areas. They have also been active in appealing to youth support by distributing fliers in schools and organizing concerts.

Seemingly their hard hitting campaign tactics where immigrants were virulently described as “stench” did not encumber their popularity. Nor did their calls for debt write-off, trashing the multi-billion bailout from the so-called “global loan sharks” also fail to galvanize their support. 

Without significant interventions into youth unemployment, the right of far-right extremists will continue in Europe unabated.



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