World Summit Youth Awards 2012

Registration is now open for World Summit Youth Awards 2012 that are open to young people (under the age of 30 years from any of the UN member states) that have developed any sort of innovative project or product using information technology aimed at helping their community.

The applicant may be a developer of website or mobile apps, e-content writer, journalists or writer, application designer, technologist or anyone contributing to address poverty, protecting the environment, sharing knowledge and empowering young people.

Award Highlights

The Youth Award is not a cash award. The reward for winners is to be recognized on a world stage, to be invited to the winners’ events, to be able to connect with each other and discuss with renowned experts in the field of ICT for Development. Last year, winner’s events took place in New York, USA.

The WSYA selects and promotes best practice in e-Content. It demonstrates young people’s potential to create outstanding digital contents and serves as a platform for people from all UN member states to work together in the efforts to reach the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

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Rising Voices Call for Proposals for Citizen Media Outreach

A major part of Rising Voices’ mission to support and nurture underrepresented communities so that they can begin to take full advantage of participatory digital media tools. Since 2007 microgrants for citizen media outreach projects have provides an opportunity for individuals, grassroots groups, networks, and other organizations without significant access to larger funding to be able to pass along knowledge by teaching others in their community in the use of these tools, as well as to provide ongoing support.

Rising Voices has announced the 2012 open call for microgrant proposals, and are currently accepting project proposals for funding up to $4,000 USD for global projects.

Who is Eligible to Apply?

This funding opportunity is open to private individuals, groups, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs). Partnerships between individuals and organisations are encouraged. For example, if an NGO does not have experienced citizen media trainers on staff, it would be extremely important that it seeks collaboration with the local blogging community to find the right trainer(s) with the necessary skills. Individual applicants might also find it highly beneficial to partner with organizations from the communities they plan to serve in order to strengthen the project’s impact and to have access to potential project participants.

There is no requirement for an organization to be legally registered, but we do require selected projects to have access to a bank account that is able to receive international bank transfers.

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Public Library Innovation Programme – Call for Proposals

Grants available to innovative libraries in Ghana, Kenya and Uganda

Please apply if you wish to use information and communication technologies to spark new services that change and improve lives and livelihoods in your community.

Grant maximum: US$15,000
Implementation period: 12 months
Application deadline: January 31st 2012

Aim of the grant invitation

EIFL’s Public Library Innovation Programme (PLIP) encourages libraries to use information and communication technologies (ICT) to expand their services to contribute to community development and improve people’s lives.

Who is eligible to apply?

This invitation is open to public and community libraries in Kenya, Uganda and Ghana.
A public or community library is a library that is open to the general public and that makes all kinds of knowledge and information freely available to the public.

Libraries are encouraged to apply in partnership with other ICT for development organizations that provide information services in the areas of health, agriculture, supporting youth and children at risk, employment and entrepreneurship/small business. However the library must be the lead partner and the grant applicant.

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Community Enterprise Development Conference 2011 – Call for Applications

The Africa Women and Youth Organization (Berlin, Germany Office) in partnership with SALMET, Christine Berger Germany and the German Institute of Human Nutrition proudly presents the Community Enterprise Development (CED) 2011 conference,

The CED 2011 Conference in Potsdam Germany is a 7-day study tour to three mechanized farms – sea food, crop and poultry farms in Berlin, Germany from Sunday, November 27th – Friday, December 2nd 2011.

The training is specifically designed to build the capacity of the communities and help organizations, business owners and agro-allied professionals (mainly farmers) to generate durable economic and social benefits.

Find out how to participate by visiting Enterprise Development Conference 2011 – Call for Applications.htm

Canada World Youth 2012 Leadership Awards

Canada World Youth (CWY) is currently seeking nominations for the 2012 Leadership Awards aimed at recognizing the excellent achievements of young Canadians and youth from around the world that are engaged in innovative initiatives promoting peace, intercultural understanding, and community and international Development. The candidates must be nominated by a third party.

CWY is a non-profit organization dedicated to enriching the lives of young people that have a desire to become informed and active global citizens. CWY programs are designed to help youth experience the world for themselves, learn about other cultures and diverse Canadian communities while developing leadership and communication skills.

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Call for Curation Proposals

The Open Society Foundations’ Youth Initiative requests proposals for up to $10,000 in funding to develop and curate thematic pages on the new global youth portal and community at

The site aims to consolidate knowledge and information on youth policies across the international sector, ranging from analysis and formulation to implementation and evaluation.

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ONE Africa Award

The ONE Africa Award celebrates progress toward achievement of the Millennium Development Goals.

ONE will recognize the Africa- driven, African led advocacy efforts that have demonstrated success at a community, national, or regional level. The $100,000 award will bring recognition to innovative African efforts to fight poverty and will incentivize more of such efforts (The award may be split into two prizes in order to award two smaller organizations better able to absorb a smaller monetary award.)

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